Saturday, November 22, 2014

Really! Overall a classic morning in Lynden in November, ahhh the rain.... no really!

Cowboy Billy

Morning 129 mg/dl, 256 lbs, 113/66 bp, 64 pulse and 97.5 temp.
Overall nice fasting reads. "small portions & ingress"

So I was asked recently how I have been keeping my sugars down.

Well, I change up my entire routine and adopted a mantra
                           "small portion"

I later added the ingress, which is a Google game that promote walking. Another prong of the fork is an App/website called MyFitnessPal, this allows be to track my food intake. It also links to a few other exercise tracking apps. Now for the last prong, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a Gear Fit smartwatch. the watch tracks my steps, it can track my exercising such as walking, running, biking, etc... I like how I can use it as a stop watch, a timer, control my music on the phone, get notifications on my watch from my phone.

Lastly I use an additional app on my phone that will lock the phone, should the watch and phone get separated. So it makes for great security.

Have a pleasant weekend, really!