Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ingressing in Lynden last night with Stormy battling the enlightened scum was fun....

Morning - 180 mg/dl, 258 lbs, 131/69 bp, 73 pulse and 97.6 temp.
I really, really, really had fun last night playing ingress.

That is correct, LadyStormz and Iamanerd, battled the minion forces of our alien overlords the Enlightened. There we where across Front street from each other bursting and hacking and deploying reso's like there was no tomorrow. LadyStormz took a hit, but it was only a flesh wound and kept on bursting and deploying....this went on for about what seemed like hours, but was more like minutes.

In the end, stormz and I decided to walk off and let the two players have the portals. After all they where two higher level players from Ferndale when level 8 portals are all over. However, we did both have fun and got some great exercise. We did miss our third player SweetAngel, who was working late.

-- small portions and Ingress.