Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I still know how to change a Tire!

Pre-Meal - 167 mg/dl, 258 lbs, 121/71 bp, 86 pulse, 97.8 temp.
safeway day is upon us! Small Portions, Walking & S-Biking.

Ya, yesterday evening, looking to find some free air pump and fail. you see I've had a slow leak in my drivers side front tire since I bought it last year. Well, finding my normal places to pump it up not working or costing me a dollar or more for air. I figured when I arrived home I use the smallish pump I keep in my Jeep to pump it up.

Oh brother, I connect it and it is not working either and what is even worse letting what little air is in there out!!! So then I found my Jeep's jeeps jack(first time it had ever been used). removed the tire and drove to Charles Schwab's down the road a piece and he checked ad pumped it up.

It appears that my rim is the problem not the tire. The rim is corroding and let air leak out, he cleaned it up as best as he could and said it should hold for a while, but I would need a new rim soon.

So I now know where my jack is!