Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let's be clear Trump: It is not a problem to run a personal Server in your home or anywhere ...

Not that I listened to all of Trump's speech this today. However I did hear him claim the her Computer Server was not legal. This is the purest bullshit!

Anyone anywhere can run a computer server, be it an email, file, database, VoIP, HTTP/HTTPS (web) server. And in fact the email service from what I understand was a BES email service. Which is or was one of the most secured at the time.

This server Hillary was using had been setup for her husband former President Bill Clinton. I would also like to point out, most anyone that setup and used a private email server, did so because of mistrust in all the named online email services, which where being hacked left and right. or that had been spammed so much that 90% on incoming emails where spam.

Having the ability to control your own server, is powerful and I would argue more secure that using the Government's server. For one the policy for government emails was and still are, "All email", received need to be printed out and dumped in a storage box and when full, stored somewhere, most like less secure location. Also "All email", sent, you guessed it, must be printed and dumped in a different storage box. When full, it is packed up and stored, most likely at a less secure location.

So in the end, It is easier to get at government emails (paper copies), than it is to get at email stored on a Hosted BES server. The only known hacks to a BES/Blackberry email server system, was in China during the olympics and there it was their government that did the hacking.

So Trump and the rest of the GOP shit spreading WingNut..... frack off!