Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 3 of the DNC Convention was a knockout, Obama sure can speak! Fired up! C/K2016

Pre-Meal - 148 mg/dl, 265 lbs, 121/74 bp, 79 bp, 97.6 temp.
Small Portions, Walking & S-Biking. Hot! Clinton/Kaine 2016

It was a Night of great speeches with the finally of Obama speaking. O'bama was on fire and delivered one of his best. I will miss it when he leaves office! He has a great record of his time in office, despite those Republicans that weighed down the nation.

Looking forward to Getting back the Senate and a good portion of the House and with Hillary/Kaine in office make some progress in getting the Nation rebuilt after the GOP demagoguery of the last 6 years.