Tuesday, July 26, 2016

So some Sander supports trust Sanders, except when he tells them to vote for Hillary! WTF!

Pre-Meal - 165 mg/dl, 265 lbs, 135/70 bp, 80 Pulse, 97.5 Temp.
Small Portions, Walking & S-Biking. Happy Safeway Tuesday,

Watched the first day proceedings of the 2016 DNC and the evening was great. However the start was a little rocky with Sander delegates a little to much outspoken. I say to much out spoken as they where to the level of rudeness. It is one thing to be obsessed with Bernie and his much needed changes to the Dem platform. Of which they got thankfully.

They can and should still vote the first ballet for him( around 1000 or little more), which it far short of the need votes for to nominate. Beyond that they are disrespectful assholes and need to get a grip on reality.

Finally Michelle Obama kicked ass, best speech ever!!! I will miss her in the White house.