Monday, February 29, 2016

And so it begins "Driverless" .....

Amazing that it is not in the US. Japan is leading us all on to the future. I for one can not wait for my town or city to support this tech.

Let explain, I live in a town that is largely retired  seniors and the disabled. As well as house wives and husbands. It would be very cost effective and convenient to be able to order a car for pickup to go to the store or downtown for shopping, meeting, exercising, or eating and entertainment. Then at the time of my choosing have a car pick me up and deliver me back home.

It is all paid for via taxes; Fed, state and local. The big savings is parking and traffic. As well as a reduction in traffic accidents and injury's. These autos would of course be electric.

Reuters: Japan driverless taxi start-up eyes partnerships with automakers.